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Your Traveler Compass guides you to the places and people you want to meet in Copenhagen, and the rest of Denmark and the islands. How much do these customized services cost?

Please see below for our compensation rates for the various experiences you are inquiring about.

We will give you the stories you want,the transportation you prefer, and the memories to last a lifetime during the time you have set aside.

Feel like a local

- Guided walks, up to 3 hours

It is our pleasure to walk with you throughout the historic streets of Copenhagen, which can lead to completely new parts of town! Copenhagen is experiencing record numbers of new inhabitants, which pushes the city to open up for extraordinary opportunities. Focus is on sustainability and repurposing of buildings. Our harbor is so clean, we can swim in it or grow mussels! We have several tours planned, or we can design a new one for you! Anything goes in Happy Denmark; we are a welcoming folk.

DKK 1.700/max 12 people

- Exploring by boat, up to 4 hours

Ah, the fresh salty air, or the gentle waves of a lake, the view from the water.. all of these personal experiences can be yours as Denmark and especially Copenhagen are surrounded by water. We can sail privately in boats for up to 10 persons, or on a ferry to islands around the city. Did you want to paddle on the back of a swan? It is possible on our lakes! Canoeing, kayaking, or even a fishing tour! How about a dinner cruise on the fjord of the Vikings? There are a lot of possiblities!

Price on demand/max 12 people

- Culinary Guiding, up to 4 hours

Denmark has 33 Michelin Stars, with 23 in 16 restaurants in Copenhagen! In the whole country, we have 27 stars! BTM has the first Culinary-certified tour guide in the country. We offer several tours all of which focus on the best of Danish dining. Our green profile allows us to work with partners that serve organic and local produce. Whether it is our Millennial 'Mad' (food) tour or Subuarban Treasures we have a delicacy for you. 

Price on demand/max 12 people

Gastronomic experiences for you, with locals, by locals as you wish

- Danish sweet creations DIY experience, up to 3 hours

Want to try making a flødebolle? Say what? Yes, a Danish specialty and you can learn how to make them and take 5 of your own home with you. Or how about baking a cake at a historic conditori that opened in 1870 but remains one of the top places for enjoying a delicious piece of pastry? Chocolate you say? Well learn how to mix the perfect blend and enjoy your result right on the walking street.

- Home hosted meals, up to 4 hours

Hygge is the magic word. You maybe have heard of it, maybe can even say it. But, have you ever experienced it? A meal in the home of a Dane is the perfect way to try some hygge. It is a special, cozy feeling and certainly the reason that Danes are often being called the most happy people in the world. Give it a try—the cuisine is wonderful too and what could be more local than eating food together and enjoying a quality conversation?

- Beer tasting at a local micro-brewery, up to 3 hours

Probably? perhaps? The best beer in the world? You decide but local it will be. There are wonderful micro breweries all over Denmark and we know many of them. Often, there is a restaurant too so you can taste the beer with a bite to eat. Do you like bitter? Or malty? Weiss beer? All of them are within reach and perhaps some types of beer you have never heard of before. Let us not forget the beers of the Vikings!


DKK 600/per person

DKK 800/per person

DKK 750/per person